The Nuyi Cleaners

Author: TheJackHub

Category: AIO

Date: April 12, 2023

NUYI CLEANERS is a cleaning company based out of Boston, MA

NUYI CLEANERS is a cleaning company based out of Boston, MA, specializing in residential and commercial cleaning services and aiming to provide competent, dependable, and courteous cleaning services. Having serviced the industry on a referral-per-demand basis, they came to JackHub to explore the possibility of an online launch taking their business to the next level and increase their client base.

Focusing on their existing business offering, which are competitive rates, non-compromising service quality, and premium service with professional workers.

To present these services to their potential customers and reach out in the modern world, they needed a solid web presence targeting their customers with a simple, engaging, conversion-oriented platform.

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What We did

The team realized their vision and developed solutions to meet their goals and mission.

The design team started with the brand element development, including fonts, logos, and brand colors, while the web development team worked on a design sprint. Day 3 had the UI wireframe ready using Figma, followed by the rapid prototyping once approved to deliver a usable and testable product the client was extremely pleased with.


In creating the website, the UI design team adopted the brand color to make up the color scheme of the website. This served to ensure brand identity continuity. Also, the color scheme was tweaked in certain areas to provide more beauty to the site by lowering the shade of the color and increasing it in specific patches.

The site design was purely the creative invention of the design team, as the client trusted Jackhub with the reins to actualize their vision. A wireframe of the entire site was created and shown to the company to ascertain if it suited their needs, and the design team received an affirmative, with no corrections.

Subsequently, the entire UI design was put into development. Every page and every section was tested to make sure it worked properly. The development team made certain accessibility was not a problem for the potential customers of the company. The five pages were set up, and a booking form was inserted for customers to order their services. Functionalities of the newsletters, the direct link to their Instagram, and their contact were made.

Simultaneously, the content writing team provided the write-ups that filled the pages. They put into writing the welcome words about us, itemized the services, and every call to action on the website. Short and powerful sentences and paragraphs were used to pass as much information about the company in an easy-to-read manner.


At the end of the creative session, all the teams signed off on the job, which was presented to the company, which approved it.

Not just any website but a website that represented them in its structure, content, and even color. It also had to be easy to navigate and allow access for their customers to order their services. In general, a website that placed them firmly in a competitive global market.