Nigerian Professional Group

Author: TheJackHub

Category: AIO

Date: April 12, 2023

NPG acts as a catalyst for transformative collaborations and professional excellence, resulting in unprecedented growth, unity, progress, and fulfillment for Nigerian professionals in diaspora.

The goal of this organization is to unite Nigerians and Africans in diaspora, rising leaders and introduce them to the most transformative people, ideas, and experiences focused on making a lasting impact and redefining the narrative. 

To be able to do this effectively, they needed a well structured and professional website. A website that would tell their story, easy to navigate and allow access to all visitors to get proper information about NPG. In other words, they needed a website that would SELL them out. The website promotes the organization’s events, summits, conferences, and other public scholarship opportunities.

Our work in numbers

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What We did

  • Web – A platform that is clear, concise, informative, eye catching and easy for online users to navigate 
  • Social media – interesting contents created with the needs and preferences of the target audience.

As a means of achieving their objectives and mission, the team realized their vision and created solutions. 

While the web development team was working on a design sprint, the design team began by developing the brand elements, such as fonts, logos, and brand colors. The client gave the design team full creative reins to come up with the site’s layout because they knew The Jackhub would carry out their wishes.

The NPG management required our team to maintain their existing website’s look and feel while converting their then-existing HTML website to WordPress Content Management System. We did it in addition to expanding the website’s features to include new pages, events, blog articles, and an election poll. All of this were accomplished while creating a very efficient website with top-notch SEO, high security, excellent content, attractive graphics, increased speed and reduced load time, and mobile responsiveness. The brand color was utilized by the UI design team to create the website’s color scheme when it was modified. This was done to ensure brand identity continuity. 

The site’s design was entirely the product of the Team’s creative imagination. The design team produced a wireframe of the complete site and showed it to the company to see whether it met their expectations. The team received a positive response with no adjustments.

In due course, The full user interface design was then put into development. To ensure good operation, each page and each section was examined. The development team made sure that accessibility wouldn’t be an issue for the company’s audience. A direct link to their Instagram, and their contact information were set up. 

The website was just as they had imagined when the creative process was complete, and our Client approved it. A website that represented them in terms of structure, content, and even color, not just any website. Additionally, a simple, concise and informative website!